little luna was birthed visually out of lush forests, open spaces, and city lights

last time music video

last time: cinematic (01/21/22)

therapy music video

therapy: cinematic

shift & go film

hi. this is the first song of mine I’m sharing with you and I am so excited. I was apart of creating the lyric video and music video start to finish. my creative director owns a Super 8 camera, so all of the bridge scenes you see in the music video, we actually got to shoot (and develop) real film. I am still geeking out about that. for the lyric video we projected the words onto objects in real time, instead of adding them in post-production. I love the little details within creating – if there is a part you love from either video, comment on my youtube channel Little Luna Music. I can’t wait to hear from you.

shift & go music video

shift & go: cinematic

shift & go lyric video